How to survive Mercury Retrograde Guide ☾

Here at BrujaxTropical we created a guide specifically for the three times throughout the year when Hermes, planet-god of communication, better known as Mercury, makes his journey to the underworld. During this time he becomes a trickster, playing pranks on the gods and humans alike, but he is also a great messenger with unique abilities , the only Olympian able to descend into the world of the dead and return intact.

Every time that Mercury, one of the core personality planets in the birth chart,  goes into «retro» mode, it creates an optical illusion from earth’s perspective that makes it appear as if the planet is turning back on its own orbit. In the astrological sense, this movement creates a series of situations, which caused all kinds of legends and superstitions around it that we, as witches, must be aware of. 

It’s that time where Mercury likes to play a frew pranks as The Cosmic Trickster.  From messing with our electronics and communication devices, may they be digital or organic (such as our tongues and ears) to causing all types of inconveniences, such as delays, misunderstandings, accidents, damaged cars, broken cell phones and even computers exploding before having backups. And as a god of the underworld, you can also  count on him to revive an ex you had left for dead, or some other unpleasant ghosts from the past. Maybe that’s why he gets such a bad rep.

But all is not so bad. Mercury rx also comes with the opportunity to take it slow, review our accounts, and double (or triple) check our projects, relationships, and our internal communication. It’s time to Save money, read everything three times before signing, leave the car in the workshop, rest from our mental chatter, turn off the cell phone and focus. Mercury in reggaeton can be a bitch, but you can survive it. This guide will cover how to gracefully avoid Mercury’s pranks and deal with the cosmic chaos that’s floating in the air until the end of his RX cycle


Witchtip: prepare yourself when mercury is in it’s shadow so it doesn’t hit you hard.

There’s a variety of crystals that can aid us during this time, and for many different purposes, but pink (and also black) tourmaline is undoubtedly our favorite for its ability to reverse energy and transform negative into positive. If you prefer to avoid the heavy energies that black crystals sometimes attract, then pink is perfect. It also helps to enhance self-love thus making us avoid confrontations with others, while instilling confidence and tranquility.


you can make protection charms and wear them during the season with bags filled with lavender, chamomile and pink tourmaline. And take a bath at the end of the season with those plants and lots of pink salt!

For example, to protect your electronic devices, which are prone to malfunction during Mercury RX, keep your black tourmaline near to them.  If you know your device is old or damaged, be prepared for disaster by using protection sigils to enchant them.

☾ Learn energy surfing

Although not everything is bad during the RX, energy can become intense and sometimes even chaotic. Tropical Witch Word of Wisdom: Just surrender. It’s not always worth fighting against the current or you find yourself drowning in what was just a glass of water. Master the art of riding the energetic wave to use natural thrust to propel you towards your shores, instead of struggling and drifting away from them.

The famous DONT’S

A classic piece of  advice that’s always repeated when retro mercury arrives is: to try to postpone closing contracts or any important documents, and, if you absolutely can’t reschedule, then RE-READ a thousand times before signing to avoid setbacks that may later be irreversible.

Mercury also rules trade and travel, so try not to make major purchases, investments or expenses. Keep your savings tucked away for when the universe gives you green light for investing and what you spend will be returned to you x7.


 Always fold your bills towards yourself before handing them over, so that they always return to your wallet. Old witch trick. 😉

If they text you, leave them on read. Don’t even engage. Wait to see how you feel after this is all over. It’s better not to give the trickster god any more reasons to play bad pranks on us by bringing back ghosts from the past.

VADERETRO communication

VADERETRO is a Latin expression to say BACK OFF! Do not feed gossip, arguments, or draining conversations. Just get away from there as soon as you can.

Take the opportunity to disconnect from social networks, take a break from your phone, and  the news, family or work group chats… in short, everything that will bring stress to communication can GO.

Practice your witchcraft

Unlike other covens that preach not doing wny spellwork or rituals during retrogrades, we actually encourage you to take advantage of the reverse mercury vibes to practice your craft, albeit with much more care and attention. Do get cocky and take your knowledge or experience you have for granted, and always remember the basics: never leave burning candles unattended (NEVER, not even when mercury is direct), and don’t do any attack spells (hexes) because they can backfire.

Witchtip: Check out our What the HEX Guide in case you wanna learn some more

We hope these tips will help you survive the dreaded mercury retrograde and that we can help you take advantage of the positive things hanging out Hermes down in the underworld.

☾ happy mercury in reggaeton witches ☽

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