What The HEX?

A Guide to Hexcraft, History and How to Hex the Patriarchy


Magic has always been the weapon of the disenfranchised. As witches, we are diligent about doing research on the origins and reclaiming words we use to “define ourselves” and our practices. This is a very profound etymological exercise, an exploration from which books could possibly be written, but for now we will settle by bringing to you some basic reflections on the meaning and connotation of the word HEX

As Caribbean based and raised Latinx witches, Spanish is our first language, so this word is incredibly difficult to translate, as it is usually found under the definition of «curse»; a word who’s connotation tends to steer towards the malicious. This is not very different from the use of the word hex in English, although by doing a little research you will find that, in fact, the origins of the word hide behind lies perpetuated by patriarchal systems disguised as truths. A witch’s intuition can reveal that behind the ‘official’ definition of these heavily charged words exist stories about witchcraft and magic that haven’t been told. Important facts about how these women were demonized, persecuted, and literally burned at the stake during the Witch Hunt Trials.

Hexcraft, used with the «cursed» meaning, is usually seen as an act of magic cast against someone or something to cause damage or harm. However, the etymology of this word reveals that has its roots from the ancient Germanic word hexen, which simply means «to practice witchcraft» and hexe: «witch»; which in turn comes from a word of unknown origin «hagatusjon» with possible roots in an older Proto-Germanic tongue.

The relationship between hex and hagatusjon also share origins with hag, a word that is used in old English to describe women as repulsive and old witches. But the curious fact about this all lies upon the fact that hag comes from Old English hægtess, which also means witch or sorceress, in a more benevolent sense. Hægtess was a word that was once used in paganism to name powerful women, healers with supernatural powers, not ugly old hags.

Here we go then to mention the famous example and current social media catchphrase «Hex the Patriarchy» or that became so popular in the United States since Trump became its president.

This short visit of the etymology of the term allows us to understand that the negative connotation of hag and hex comes from the same persecutory and inquisitional agencies that tried to extinguish witchcraft from the face of the earth in medieval Europe, and later on in the Americas. So if hex means, in a broader sense, «to do witchcraft» then we know that the intention behind all magic practice can be either «good» or «bad» and always has consequences as a result. We are not affirming that all spells have to be good or bad in nature, that ultimately depends on each witch, each path and each individual’s chosen learning. We all have free will to decide how we want to practice the different types of hexes that exist.

But Back to Hexing!

So, you want to practice hex-craft, have a hell of a good motive, and want to take your craft to a whole new level. The first thing that needs to be noted is that Hexes are more advanced form of magick, because of its distinct objective to cause an action or effect. As beginners and benign light-worker witches will tell you, most of the magic practiced in day-to-day craft is composed of inner work: meditation, focus, manifestation, that kind of thing. When you start dabbling in Hexcraft, you use those forces to affect others, which is its most significant difference with other forms of magic, and is why is has to be handled responsibly. This is why hexes have so much taboo surrounding them, because one thing is to do work for yourself, but doing work on others is a whole ‘nother ballpark.

The first thing you should do is check you intention. Define if you want to to protect or to attack.,

We aren’t the moral police and are going to tell you not to do «dark» work, but a witch that decides to do so needs to be well aware of the possible karmic consequences because if we are being honest, hexing can be a form of weaponizing your witchcraft. Wether for offensive or defensive purposes, we have to admit that there are powerful forces behind hexcraft– which is why nobody ever tries to Hexes themselves.

It’s not for everyone, but a lot of witches assume the outcomes head on. They understand that negative forces are unavoidable when dwelling in deeper forms of magick and quite frankly, decide they don’t give a shit, and face them standing tall. That’s up to each individual witch!

Three Types of Hexes

Banishing. Used to get rid of someone from you life

Risk: x (low)

Pros: Simple & easy to cast, pretty low risk

Cons: A little weak, and might need repeating in order to be effective


Used to control or limit the target’s power

Risk: xxx

Pros: Can stop someone from harming themselves or others

Cons: You will be connected to the target wether you want it or not.


Used to bring illness and misfortune to a target

Risk: xxxxx (dangerous)

Pros: By symbolically burying your target you pretty much guarantee that they will get what they deserve

Cons: It’s incredibly draining. This hex will most likely require all your energy, so you have to be prepared to take the toll.


If you’re itching to try your newfound knowledge and feel confident enough to give it a go, then why not use your darker forces of attack for the greater good?

We scoured the internet in search of practical spells and rituals, and although we found a lot of wonderful light based self-help magick, we couldn’t find a concessive hex to deal psychic damage to the authority figures that perpetuate systematic oppression, so we made our own!

As a bonus, and because we think its important (and do it a bit ourselves) we included this simple how to spell to help the mass hexing witches have been putting on the patriarchy for the last decade or so. What better way to get the patriarchy than with this spell that’s designed to hit the whole structural system of oppression where it hurts it the most: In the EGO.

«Hex The Patriarchy» Spell


☾ 1 Black (or dark colored) candle. The one in the picture is available here!

☾ Pen and Paper

☾ 1 Obsidian stone (optional). can be replaced with clear quartz.

☾ Black (or dark colored) Yarn

☾ A jar or cup filled with ocean water. If you don’t have seawater available, dissolve some sea salt or Himalayan pink salt into a cup of regular tap water. If you don’t have any salt, have a cup of water handy no matter what- you’ll see why it’s important

☾ A ceremonial dagger, athame or other non-sharpened knife. these knifes are used for ritual purposes are aren’t made to cut. It’s important that it isn’t sharpened.

Step 1: Define Your Target: In this case its The Patriarchy as a whole- A system of bigotry and oppression which has been working since before the middle ages to disenfranchise empowered women, and to kill the pagan creeds of old and ancestral cultures. The sole entity responsible for the current structure of inequality, the suffering of millions of minorities, and the perpetuator of rampant sexism, racism, and homophobia. Set your intention: What we are looking to do with this hex is to strip The Patriarchy from its tyrannical control and balance the power scale back it to its rightful owners: the opressed.

Step 2: Set Up your Space. Place the tools and elements used in a cross formation using the compass directions- North for air, east for water south for earth and west for fire. Your Athame (or placeholder knife or object) represents air, the candle represents fire, the stone is earth and the cup is water. This gives you easy, organized access to all your tools.

Step 3: Place the obsidian stone inside the cup with water. This is to purify your hex at the end of the ritual. Have it ready beforehand.

Step 4: Take your pen and doodle this sigil designed specifically to invoke the power of all the warrior goddesses of old: Artemis the moon hunter, Athena the warrior of justice, Chango(African Santa Barbara) the scarred dark-skinned Virgin, Valkyrie from norse myth, Kali the Hindu deity of destruction and chaos, Morrigan for Irish Lore.

Sigil To Invoke the Warrior Godesses

It doesn’t have to be perfect, so don’t worry too much if you botch it. The intention here is what counts, and the spell will still work.

Step 5: Fold the paper and begin wrapping it with your black yarn while. Wrap the yard around the paper 6 times.

Step 6: Now pierce the paper through with your athame carefully. You will use the athame as handle to burn the paper (so not to burn your fingers), so make sure to keep it on the tip.

Step 7: Light the candle and using you dagger put the paper over the flame letting it catch– once it begins to burn begin chanting:

Always practice safely first- remember you are playing with literal fire

«I invoke all the warrior goddesses of old,

come forth and share with your children

the power to restore balance to the world,

Let us topple the tower, let the truth unfold

and let those who are silence, their stories be told

As above, so Below,

may it be so, may it be so, may it be so»

The chanting does not need to be spoken out loud, you can chant inside your head, but spoken word always has greater manifestation power and can help give you laser focus on your intention.

Step 8: When the flame reaches the yarn, put out the burning paper in the cup of water. This serves two purposes– to drown the Patriarchy’s power in the ocean’s water and purify its nefarious intent, and it’s also a handy way to put out the flame and avoid a fire hazard.

And done. Once you put out the flame, finish up with closing your hex, thank the deities you’ve worked with, and if you have your own habits for finishing rituals make sure to do those as well; close the circle, put out all the candles and safely dispose of the remnants of the spell, take a bath or shower. Rest with the knowledge that you used your righteous indignation for good and you helped restore balance to the world.

And don’t stop fighting! Magic is awesome tool, but it is super important support the craft by continuing fighting systems of oppressions in our everyday lives– with activism, by signing petitions, voting, calling out racism and other injustices that you witness.

☾Happy Hexing and Remember– Together We Are Stronger☾

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